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Hey folks!

It's been quite a long time since last blog post but now i decided to write a one.

I think it is better to start from beginning of the season. I started season well. I was third in our qualification for the home world cup and manage to get place in national group which was big thing for me. Then we had a national champs in Rovaniemi and i took a bronze medal! I got big selfconfidence boost and i was looking forward my first ever world cup. Unfotunately i lost my good feeling in Ruka and every jump was really difficult and i did not qualified for any of competitions, but all in all it was good expierience at least.

Then i started to jump in COC but the whole season for me was dissapointed and i only got 72 points in 16 competitions. Best reasults came from Erzurum and Rena.

I learned alot during the winter and i am posite that i will be stronger in next season. I already started to work and prepare my physique for up coming summer but before summer i will take a little break for ski jumping and relax the body and mind. And yes, i really need it!

Thanks for the Sport2000 company for the great support!!

See you in summer!!



Created by Janne Korhonen at 20.03.2017 09:17

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WC Ruka

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COC Rena

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COC Rena

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