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Competing for the SPORT 2000 Team this week:

Ski Flying - World Cup Bad Mitterndorf (AUT)

Alex Insam
Sebastian Colloredo
Vincent Descombes Sevoie
Will Rhoads
Ziga Jelar
Clemens Aigner
Anze Semenic
Halvor Egner Granerud
Stephan Leyhe
Stefan Hula
Jernej Damjan

In the first Ski Flying competition this season Clemens Aigner came in on a great career best seventh place, followed by Anze Semenic in eighth, also a career-best World Cup result for him. Stefan Hula finished 14th, Stephan Leyhe 20st, Halvor Egner Granerud 25th and Jernej Damjan 29th.


Ski Jumping - Continental Cup Bischofshofen (AUT)

Paul Brasme
Fatih Arda Ipcioglu
Nick Mattoon
Lauri Asikainen
Przemyslaw Kantyka
Ilmir Hazetdinov
Tom Hilde

Tom Hilde made a senstional comeback in the final round of the first competition on Wednesday when he moved up from 20th after the first round to first overall. Unfortunately he was the only Red Eagle in the final round of the Top 30.


A day later, Tom Hilde again came in among the best and finished on a very good fourth place. Ilmir Hazetdinov came in 20th.


Ski Jumping - Ladies World Cup Sapporo (JPN)

Taylor Henrich
Ursa Bogataj

In Saturday's competition Ursa Bogataj achieved her best result this season with a sixth place, Taylor Henrich could also score World Cup points in 29th.


Ursa Bogataj showed another strong performances on Sunday and came in ninth, Taylor Henrich finished 25th.


Nordic Combined - World Cup Val di Fiemme (ITA)

Ondrej Pazout
Bryan Fletcher
Antoine Gerard
Jan Schmid

Jan Schmid finished on a great fourth place in the first competition on Friday afternoon and Antoine Gerard came in 14th.


In the team sprint on Saturday, Bryan Fletcher came in ninth with Team USA 1, Ondrej Pazout was 13th with the Czech Republic.


Jan Schimd won the competition on Sunday after being third in the jumping part. Bryan Fletcher finished 19th with the second best time in the race and Antoine Gerard was 26th.


Nordic Combined - Continental Cup Ruka (FIN)

Adam Loomis
Ben Berend
Harald Riiber
Paul Gerstgraser

After being fourth in the jumping part, Harald Riiber came in 11th in Friday's competition. Ben Berend finished 16th and Adam Loomis 25th.


In the mass start race on Saturday, Haral Riiber achieved a top result in fourth, Ben Berend came in on a very good ninth place, Paul Gerstgraser was 18th and Adam Loomis 28th.


On Sunday Harald Riiber won the jumping part and came in on the great third place, Paul Gerstgraser finished 10th and Ben Berend 18th.


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