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Our athletes in PyeongChang:

Ski Jumping Men

Stefan Hula
Clemens Aigner
Stephan Leyhe
Fatih Arda Ipcioglu
Will Rhoads
Jernej Damjan
Anze Semenic
Timi Zajc
Vincent Descombes Sevoie
Sebastian Colloredo
Alex Insam

The first ski jumping competition in Korea was the men's normal hill event. Stefan Hula was leading after the first round, but in difficult conditions he unfortunately missed the win a medal and ended up fifth. Kevin Bickner finished 18th, Jernej Damjan 28th.


In the large hill competition exactly a week later, Stefan Hula was our best athlete again, this time in 15th. Jernej Damjan came in right behind him in 16th place, Alex Insam was 23rd, and Anze Semenic 30th.


In the team event on the large hill Stephan Leyhe and Stefan Hula achieved amazing results. Leyhe came in second with Germany, closely followed by Hula and his Polish teammates in third.  Jernej Damjan and Anze Semenic finished fifth with Slovenia, Will Rhoads was ninth with the USA, Sebastian Colloredo and Alex Insam were 11th with the Italian team.


Ski Jumping Ladies

Taylor Henrich
Ursa Bogataj
Lucile Morat

The ladies had their big moment on Monday evening and our best was Lucile Morat in 21st, Ursa Bogataj also made it to the final round and finished 30th.


Nordic Combined

Ondrej  Pazout
Antoine Gerard
Jan Schmid
Ben Berend
Bryan Fletcher

In the individual competition on the normal hill the best of our athletes was Bryan Fletcher in 17th, Jan Schmid was 25th, followed by Antoine Gerard on the 26th place. 


Six days after the first event, the athletes competed in an individual event on the large hill. Jan Schmid had the second fastest time in the race and finished 11th overall, Bryan Fletcher came in 17th again and was our second athlete in the Top 30.


The final competition for the nordic combined skiers was the team event in which Jan Schmid came in second together with his Norwegian teammates. Antoine Gerard finished fifth with the team of France, Ondrej Pazout was seventh with the Czech Republic and Ben Berend and Bryan Fletcher came in 10th with Team USA.


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