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Hello Folks!

As you follower might have noticed that you havent seen me much jumping in COC or in WC after first snows. I think somehow i lost my grip after promissing start early season but since then i am not been able to produce any good jumps in competitions and even in home hill it was difficult time especially in January. After that time when i realized and figured out what are those things which have had slowing and braking me down this winter. Most of things are coming already from summer training, some are mental things and so on. BUT. I am fully understand with those things and top of them and super confident these days. Jumping has going to right direction and i have also made huge steps in every section. It is now really easy to go towards new training season even it will be no with A-team like it was in last. I wanna thank all of you who have supported me or even checked how the kid is jumping in competitions. Season is not over yet and there is still room to succes, so long.

There will come one blog post at the april, so stay tuned!


Created by Janne Korhonen at 16.02.2018 16:16

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Nationals Rovaniemi 11/2017

Large ruka wc 2017

Ruka WC debut 11/2017

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Nationals Rovaniemi 11/2017