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Competing for the SPORT 2000 Team this weekend:

Ski Jumping - World Cup Lahti (FIN)

Janne Korhonen
Tom Hilde
Sebastian Colloredo
Alex Insam
Will Rhoads
Clemens Aigner
Stephan Leyhe
Anze Semenic
Jernej Damjan
Stefan Hula

In the team event on Saturday evening, Stefan Hula achieved a podium finish in second with the Polish team. Clemens Aigner and his Austrian teammates narrowly missed the Top 3 in fourth. Jernej Damjan came in sixth with Slovenia, Sebastian Colloredo and Alex Insam were 10th with Italy and Will Rhoads 11th with the USA.


This year's Lahti Ski Games ended with the individual competition on the large hill on Sunday. In this event our best athlete was Jernej Damjan in 11th. Stefan Hula came in 17th, Stephan Leyhe 20th and Clemens Aigner 22nd.


Ski Jumping - Continental Cup Rena (NOR)

Fredrik Villumstad
Nick Mattoon
Paul Brasme
Andreas Granerud Buskum
Andraz Pograjc
Przemyslaw Kantyka
Jurij Tepes
Marius Lindvik

In the first competition of the weekend in Norway, local hero Marius Lindvik was only 11th after the first round, but then he could move up to fourth overall with a strong jump in the final round. Andreas Granerud Buskum came in on a career-best tenth place, followed by Jurij Tepes in elventh. Andraz Pograjc was 23rd and Paul Brasme scored one COC point in 30th.


Despite a sickness, Marius Lindvik was doing a great job in Rena this weekend and after the fourth place the day before he could finish second on Sunday. Andreas Granerud Buskum came in 15th, Fredrik Villumstad was 25th and Jurij Tepes, Paul Brasme and Andraz Pograjc landed on the places 27 to 29.


Ski Jumping - Ladies' World Cup Rasnov (ROU)

Jerneja Brecl
Lucile Morat
Ursa Bogataj

The first competition in Rasnov was decided after only one round due to the difficult weather condtitions. Our best athlete on Saturday was Ursa Bogataj in tenth, Lucile Morat came in 18th and Jerneja Brecl 23rd.


On Sunday morning Ursa Bogataj finished on the 12th place and Jerneja Brecl came in 14th.


Nordic Combined - World Cup Lahti (FIN)

Ben Berend
Antoine Gerard
Jan Schmid

A team sprint competition was held on day one in Lahti and Jan Schmid managed to finish on the second place with team Norway I. Antoine Gerard came in eighth with France I and Ben Berend was 17th with USA II.


In Sunday's individual event, Antoine Gerard was 16th and Jan Schmid finished 17th.


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