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The Nordic trip

Leaving Ruka at minus 21 we went to Rovaniemi to meet up with Santa. Heading to Sweden and stops in Umea and Östersund we arrived yesterday in the home of nordic sport, the 1994 olympic city of Lillehammer. Hope to enjoy a pleasent weekend with our SPORT 2000 athlets. All the best to all

Created by RB at 04.12.2013 23:30

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Back Home/Not for too long

Hi all! So I am back home from Ruka and still a bit cold :) Overall, I'm satisfied with my jumping last weekend. Not bad...would have been nice to score some points though! Next time! Now home for a couple of days focusing on training and enjoying life. Heading up to Vuokatti on saturday for the national competition...

Created by Sebastian Klinga at 04.12.2013 07:58

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SPORT 2000 skis first time in Nordic Combined World Cup

Difficult conditions at the first Nordic combined team’s event this season. Norway took 1st place. Austrian’s Mario Stecher and his team mates took 5th place. Mitja Oranic and the Slovenian team finished in 6th place. Next Nordic combined party will take place in Lillehammer.

Created by RB at 01.12.2013 18:11

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First Jumps

Today I made my first jumps on snow. It was a great feeling and the jumps were good.

Created by Paul Winter at 30.11.2013 11:18

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World Cup in the far North!

As often before the World Cup in Kuusamo was characterized by freezing temperatures and, at the beginning, also by wind. So the strong and changing wind prevented the training and the qualification of the ski jumpers on Thursday. Both rounds were postponed to Friday afternoon and took place right before the first...

Created by SK at 30.11.2013 07:34

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Qualification Kuusamo

Today in Kuusamu’s qualification the biggest SPORT 2000 team is starting so far. It’s our pleasure to be here in Finland where the spirit of skijumping is noticeable. In true winter condition, the first time in this young season, we wish all athletes the best and keep the fingers crossed for the SPORT 2000 guys....

Created by RB at 28.11.2013 15:30

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Nice winter conditions in Ruka!

Greetings from Ruka Nordic Opening! I count this is the real start ofthe winter seasoncause in Klingenthal conditions were much like in summer gp ;) Let's just hope that wind won't bully us too much during the weekend. Ruka/ Kuusamo is a particularly special place forme because I have lived here all my childhood and...

Created by Lauri Asikainen at 28.11.2013 12:40

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Our team in Kuusamo

The Ski Jumping World Cup continues this week with two competitions in Kuusamo (FIN). The official training and the qualification on the Rukatunturi-hill was planned for Thursday, but had to be canceled due to strong wind. It shall now take place on Friday. Athletes of the SPORT 2000 team in the qualificationare:...

Created by SK at 28.11.2013 12:16

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World Cup Ruka!

Good day everyone! I'm about to write the first article from an athlete. Extremely extreme conditions in Klingenthal, huh? Ruka, Kuusamo is the place to be right now! Yesterday was a good day. We had the last tryout competition before the world cup and it went very good for me. Jumping has been really fun. The...

Created by Sebastian Klinga at 25.11.2013 11:33

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Difficult start

It was everything but an easy weekend for the ski jumpers at the World Cup opening in Klingenthal. The final rounds inthe team and the individual ocmpetition on Saturday and Sunday had to be canceled due to strong and gusty winds. With Lauri Asikainen (FIN) and the two Kazakhs Alexey Pchelintsev and Marat Zhaparov,...

Created by SK at 24.11.2013 19:58

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Our team in Klingenthal

The Ski Jumping World Cup2013/14starts on Friday with the training and qualification on the large hillin Klingenthal. Members of our SPORT 2000 team taking part there are: Alexey Pchelintsev Marat Zhaparov Volodymyr Veredyuk Jan Ziobro Lauri Asikainen All the best and good luck for the first jumps of the season!

Created by SK at 22.11.2013 11:21

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Here we go again!

It's this time of year again! The 2013/14 Ski Jumping World Cup season starts this weekend in Klingenthal, Germany. The hill in the "Vogtland-Arena" is already prepared since late last week and so nothing shall stand in the way of a great opening. On the schedule for the weekend are a team (Saturday) and an...

Created by SK at 21.11.2013 11:34

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SPORT 2000 ski ante portas

The countdown is on. The 2013/14 World Cup season starts just a few days from now. Besides the mega event Sochi 2014, there will also be the Ski Flying World Championships in Harrachov and the highlights of the World Cup. We wish all our SPORT 2000 athletes an injury-free season and their own personal highlights. ...

Created by RB at 16.11.2013 17:19

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The tension rises!

The World Cup opening in Klingenthal is less than two weeks away! We are all excited and looking forward to the first ever World Cup season for our SPORT 2000 Ski Jumping Team!

Created by SK at 12.11.2013 09:50

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